Saturday, 7 June 2014

Miracle film

The reason this post is named 'Miracle film' is because like all good photography students I decided to open the back of my camera whilst the film was still in exposing it to the light...oops!
Thankfully my prayers were answered because every negative had something on it, I honestly couldn't tell you how but c'est la vie :D 

These are a few from colour fields, the light was so perfect and golden as we travelled down on the bus, the light was blinded and so warm. I wasn't having a very successful night as I had managed to first forget my ID then my ticket and hadn't cling filmed my camera...which made it through! But the atmosphere was too good for anything to ruin the night, and I didn't even need the ticket to get in so it turned out sweet.  

Heidi's night in...Lizzie and her flowers

Lunch with Cece and Hannah at miss

This was so good, I felt like I was on holiday!

Hannah working it...

We went to watch the red arrows after our little photo shoot

Dirty mirror selfie

 Falmouth room

View of Gylly


Clothing refresh with Maisie the loveliest person you will ever meet...our last meet up before she goes off to America!

Me and Phoebs lunchin'

Grandma's - aren't they cute?!

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