Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Christmas time always, for me at least, makes me think about things that have happened over the past year and this year has definitely been a lot of changes! Overall it's been exciting and new with moving out and learning to "live" on my own. I've really enjoyed living at university and have surprised myself with how easily it was to settle in and not cause anything bad like a fire alarm (yet!)
However during the holiday all of these new changes seemed to get all a bit too overwhelming and I found myself stressed and quite low about work and university in general. After talking to mum about everything she managed- like miracle workers mums are- to make me feel better and think things through a bit and help me to realise that actually there are a lot of positive changes that have taken place and I'm so excited now for the new year and what it will bring!

I feel like people doing creative subjects (I don't mean this in a self pity sort of way!!) don't have it very easy, for a long time very stereotypically I always felt like academic people looked down on creative subjects as being "easy" and "not worth it" and on the other hand creative people looked down at university as being "a waste of time" as everybody seems to hold being self taught as a very prestigious title and that going to university to study art or photography was almost cheating and not a very good path way to take. After some thought I have come to realise that not everybody thinks like this and that for me university is definitely the right move to take, everybody is different and learn in different ways which is great! I also think that you cant really teach a subject like art or photography so in a way everyone is "self taught" and university just means (for me anyway) that I have access to facilities and endless books that I would have no way of getting hold of if I wasn't at university. But again that doesn't mean it is for everyone!

I am happy with this new revelation haha and I think my new years resolution should be to make the most of being at university and finding all the benefits it has for me! -Woah I sound real keen.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Frozen flowers

I haven't uploaded for a while, it seems that going home from the holidays everything slows down and although you seem to have more time to do things...you just don't!
So I haven't taken many photos over the christmas holidays but these were just a few I took for my last project finals (possibly?) the other day.

There is also a short film to be added to the post soon...

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Phoebe's new friend

We spent the day in Cardiff, lunch at Cafe Rouge walked off by wondering round the shops and then going to 'the valley' to pick up phoebe's early christmas present! ...we spent a while just watching it when we got home!