Friday, 28 March 2014

Good company, good music

Passionfruit and rasberries

Have a listen to these links

We the Wild
Jack Garrett

Both were supporting Dan Croll tonight who was amazing, take a listen - (my favourite song is at 6.54)

"There's a heart in the strawberry"

Being home means a morning coffee made by dad :)

Heart strawberry

Mum's film night with neighbours means yummy snacks lie about waiting to be eaten :) 

Some funny plants on the mantlepiece

and some cute photos of Herby!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cinematic Portraits

Haha the title of this post is quite laughable, I was bored and in need of photos for my project, so carrying on with the "celebrity" theme which I have now come up with..."how the other half live" I took these photos to try and replicate the posed look of celebrity photos as well as some which are meant to look like film stills with a natural yet aware of the camera look. The technical ability of these photos is terrible, I am sorry, I did a bit of a balancing act with the tripod on an exercise ball and with no remote focusing was pretty bad but I tried to embrace the blur to add to the effect.


Spring Portraits

Some photos I did for a portrait commission...