Sunday, 8 June 2014

Garden Party

The Garden party was such a surreal experience having known about it, before getting into Falmouth, after watching this amazing video ... 
And I'm happy to say it lived up to my expectations, and it didn't rain!

It all started with carrot cake

The biggest strawberry you have ever seen

Sensible shoes...

...and mine :/

Merry go round!

Jug of Pimms

Hannah's focusing kind of worked...the couple in the back look sweet!

Fireworks after shishaaaa

 After the fireworks we went back to change our stupid shoes for the stannary party, it was such a good night although we did end up at St Johns Ambulance from dancing right by the barriers at the front which cut my friends leg! 

The garden party made me realise how close the end of first year really is, it's scary how fast it has gone and I'll miss living in halls next year but excited to live in Falmouth... 

It might have ended with a bit more carrot cake!

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