Monday, 16 June 2014

Last days in Falmouth

Before the summer anyway. Everywhere seems so quiet now apart from the town which is rammed full of tourists and locals singing seas shanties up and down the high street. The campus has a meloncholy feel to it with the sound of car engines and students packing up their things for a long journey north. Yet although everything on campus is coming to an end the summer in Falmouth has only just begun and the beach is overflowing with people either lying out in the sun or braving the water. I managed to sunburn my legs by falling asleep in the sun on a beautiful (almost) secluded beach called Maenporth. 
  Maenporth beach

I spent a lovely day on the beach with my new housemates for Hannah's last day. We all chilled on the beach listening to a group of young mums talking about their kids, food and a lot of trivial subjects which was quite scary because we could imagine it being us one day. Then we all got excited by amazing flavours of ice-cream…blackcurrant cheesecake…eton mess…coffee latte...and gingerbread which I choose. 

Cliff jumping at Pendennis point

View of the Harbour from the bus

Bowling for Tyler's birthday

Trying sneak into Peace before finding out it had finished


Sky reflected in the water


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