Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"This is in my top 50 best days"

Me and Sara had a little day trip. We wandered the fancy streets of Clifton and were stopped by some Hong Kong tourists who asked what country we were from...not sure where they thought we were from. We walked down to Ashton Count where we lay in the rose garden soaking up the sun. On the way back we got a bit hungry so decided to take a trip to the gelato shop where I devoured a crepe with ferrero richer gelato and Sara, a waffle topped with m'n'ms and ice cream. It was so good. We then went to visit Katy and played a bit of badminton before a cheeky trip to byron burger mmmm...all in all good day walking, and lots of food! This time last year I was just coming home from uni so I think this means summer is here, although I've already been home for a while. Also my camera only let me take 9 photos!