Monday, 10 March 2014

The sun has arrived!

This weekend has been so lovely and I realised that throughout the winter I completely forget the feeling of the warm sun, which is so lovely! One thing I do regret now is not having  taken more photos...I must admit that these are the only two photos I took all weekend which is crazy being a photography student. I think sometimes I just feel myself wanting to "enjoy" a day and have an experience where I am not conscience of documenting everything and basically experiencing it through a camera. But I really don't think that this should be the case.

It feels like I haven't been doing anything productive at all, I went to the beach twice this weekend which was lovely and busy! I can remember being on beaches and seeing groups of students and thinking how nice it would be to just be able to meet up with your friends and go to the beach, and the dream haha! It was a nice relaxing day, no stress, no obligations to be anywhere or do anything, just be. 

Sunday I managed to wake up naturally in time for church despite getting to sleep at 4, and the whole day I felt really wide awake, it was very unnatural. I spent the day sat in the sun talking and not really doing much-hence the feeling of unproductiveness. In the evening I went to 'Vertical' which is a night of worship and it was amazing, there was so much energy that by 11 when it finished after 4 hours I was definitely ready for bed! 

Below the only two photos of the weekend

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