Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Self directed project

I haven't yet thought of a name yet for this project but I was enthralled by our 'celebrity culture' and our obsession with looking at people's 'selfies' and other photos that they post on social media site (one of which this blog which is definitely centred around photos) but I feel that there is something more to all of this, something almost desperate about our thinking and consumerist attitude. I want to investigate this idea a little and I am thinking that it would be more interesting to open my angle a little and not confine myself to 'celebrities' but maybe 'obsessions' as a general theme.

This is a really quick photo I took of my sister to try and emulate that 'Bling Ring-esque' teenage, fascination with celebrity look. This also meant that I had to use flash which I hate but I keep on being told that I should 'try something different' so I never know I could learn some new way of working through this project...

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