Friday, 14 March 2014


I have had such a lovely birthday and feel blessed to have lovely lovely friends to share it with! 
The day started slowly as I opened my cards in bed and a lovely parcel from home full of goodies that will definitely make me fat along with some paper hearts made by my lovely sister. We then ventured to the beach for brunch which was yum and very filling! Then went for a little walk on the misty beach where we found a starfish (!) after throwing it into the sea we thought it was dead and as it washed onto shore again Jess picked it up only to realise it's tentacles were still moving which was quite a shock. We took it to the the rock we saved a starfish!! 

Me and Hannah (flatmate) then wondered along the high street only to be inspired by the shop windows and decided that a trip to Trago was in order to create something ... creative? And you can see from the photos Hannah's beautiful creations :)   

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of Hannah's creations let us know ;)

And some photos which I didn't upload from the other day in the beautiful sunshine as me and Jess went to explore the daffodil fields by campus (after crossing the scarily suicidal main road :/)

Campus just across the road...

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