Friday, 11 October 2013

A lovely day

Today has been such a lovely day! Me and my two lovely flat mates Hannah and Grace went to the beach (as Grace is sadly leaving us!) We couldn't have asked for a better day, it was cold and sunny and we drove down listening to The Kooks, The Lumineers and Chrystal Fighters making me feel like it was the middle of summer....not to mention Shaggy!!

We only got lost once which was impressive and stopped off for a break at Starbucks which was so nice! When we arrived at the most beautiful beach, the first thing on our minds was Ice Cream!! Grace took us to this little ice cream shop with the most amazing flavours, I got honeycomb and gingerbread which was so good. The we walked along the beach wrapped up warm with the cold wind.

After our walk along the beach we went to sit outside a cafe with a pot of tea where we saw two dogs wearing hairbands! We walked to the shops and bought some chicken from the butchers for our roast tomorrow! (I use a lot of exclamation marks!) Before we left I heard a lady saying to her son that they were going back to their holiday caravan and it made me feel so grateful that I am living in such an amazing place that people go on holiday to.

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