Friday, 13 November 2015


Recently I've been feeling like I need to start living (as in living life fully)'s hard to feel like you're making the most of every opportunity when you feel unmotivated and lack enthusiasm for wanting to be productive! I have a serious case of s.a.d going on and it ain't fun. BUT today I made the most of things...I "made" myself go to St Ives to feel inspired to take photos, with a new place to explore. I'm in a slow part of my journey I guess (haha) and I need to find things that motivate me.
I think especially because it's the last year I need to take every opportunity...which is impossible! My expectations are too high which means I disappoint myself in what I do, and have realised that it's actually ok to be slow, because things will speed up again and I'll be wishing for it to slow down.

Also there are a lot of sea photos!

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