Sunday, 27 July 2014

Kassiopi, Greece Part 1

A little diary of photos from my holiday in Greece … 
I took quite a bit of film which will be developed in September, fingers crossed that they come out

 Early morning flight started with burger king at 5 in the morning mmm

Looks a bit like a wave

By 12 we were on the beach

yummy breakfast of greek yogurt with honey, granola and fresh peaches

we went horse riding during golden hour through the woodland and along the beach, I wish I'd taken some photos on the horse as it was beautiful

we stopped off for a drink and there were some very friendly dogs, the one below literally had dreadlocks!

Phoebe and my horse

Greek kebab yum

view from the balcony

spot the butterfly

baklava, the sweetest dessert

so many fancy yaghts

rainbow over Albania

dad spilt hot wax on mums foot after drinking some wine liquor

we went on a trip up into the mountains to watch the sunset

it was so windy at the top of the mountain

dinner watching the sunset

at canal d'amour

we had thunder and rain

view of Albania from the beach

limoncello which I was "spoofed" to down ending up in a coughing fit :/

on our last night we went to a Greek night where we watched traditional dancing and the wine kept flowing...

the dancers watching everyone make a fool of themselves on the dancefloor (table)

flying home, in the airport a group of lads walked by overheard saying "who's idea was it to stay up all night"

hello England

Bristol harbour side

Suspension bridge from above


  1. Looks magical!

    I wanted you to know that I've nominated you for an Inspiring Blogger Award. You don't have to take part but it's a great way to highlight some of your favourite blogs. If you want to get involved, this link will be live at 5pm on Friday

  2. Thank you so much!! I can't believe I have only just seen this, I am very grateful!! x