Monday, 5 May 2014

Stolen flowers and a hijacked camera

Not worth reading

This blog post sounds really exciting but unfortunately it's not very...apart from some flowers picked from campus and a couple of ugly photos of me there is not much to this post! I haven't written much in a while which I like because I prefer to just upload photos and let them tell the story- ha! But sometimes it's nice to write a little something. I have had a lovely weekend after nearly a week of teaching children which was pretty exhausting but fun, although I definitely don't want to go into teaching...ever. Hannah has come back which has been so nice, we have done not a lot of work but it's the bank holiday so...? There was a party at the stannary which was fun and everyone dressed up like animals, I thought being a deer would be original but clearly it wasn't! It was fun and yesterday we just chilled and watched The Watch which is hilarious..."these shirts are the shits" "no just shit" "these shirts are just shit"

Wow that is very unfunny written down, well I have managed to write a lot and not say much...if you haven't already don't read the's boring! 

Looks like I'm eating a octopus tentacle ...

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