Sunday, 13 April 2014

Back to the beach!

The funny thing is that my parents probably won't be home by the time I upload these! Also the order has gone a little bit strange but I'm a tad lazy so I'm not going to rearrange them but it's not very noticeable although I've just pointed it out, oops? It's been a very long day and last night we all went to watch an orchestra and a choir which at some points I must say sounded a how you imagine someones brain to sound if they were going a bit crazy. Their was also a lady singing opera, wow, thats all I'm going to put! So it was time to say bye and I finally tidied my room this morning before leaving :/ better late than never!

Of course had to have lunch at Gylly cafe! 

how good does this look?

This brownie...!

Ice cream time! 

If you were on the beach today and heard someone historically laughing i'm sorry it was probably my mum!  

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