Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Stranger Project

The start of this week and end of last week has been really nice, starting our new project there is a lot less stress involved and it all feel a lot more easy going and exciting with ease of thinking up new ideas as it's all new.

On sunday church was really good, there were two men who were docking in the harbour side from Newcastle and they were taking the ship to Marrakech and then Africa as the bottom of the boat doubles up as a Doctors surgery.

Then in the afternoon me and some friends went to a very local pub and listened to the locals playing folk music which was really sweet, and the bar owners came round with crisps and cocktail sausages!

I lost a bit of motivation on monday as I took hardly any photos in Falmouth for my project as it just wasn't working out but today it was beautiful and sunny and although these photos aren't the best, I felt a bit more hopeful about the project!

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