Sunday, 24 November 2013


This weekend has been really lovely, a much needed pick me up from a hard week of stressing abut work! I assisted a very talented third year photographer on a photoshoot with 7 models, it was really interesting and I loved the cinematic look she was going for. Then I met a with a friend for coffee and a catch up and my phone died so meeting up was going to be hit or miss but thankfully she found me in the coffee shop. (I cant believe how dependant on my phone I am!) We went to this amazing cafe called 'Jam' which had loads of old camera's, records and lots of photography books- amazing for inspiration! I really want to try out all the little quirky cafe's in Falmouth as there are lots...Dolly's, Jam and Hang Ten have been crossed off the list but there are a lot more. We were actually looking for 'Good Vibes' another cool looking cafe which we only found later that day. Me and my flatmate then went for some amazing burgers in a cure but freezing restaurant before going to watch the Hunger Games. The cinema was packed. Have just come back from church with some lovely people and am excited for the week ahead...and seeing my family on the weekend!

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